Messages from climbers who are advocates for the Climbers Cutting Carbon initiative.

Climbers are increasingly speaking out about climate change -- and walking their talk.

Graham Zimmerman

Graham, a professional climber and the current president of the American Alpine Club, tells us that climbers shouldn't shirk the climate issue; after all, we like doing hard things!

Gabby Faurot

Faurot recently took over the operation of the Kahitna Basecamp on Denali, which is the main hub for Alaska Range climbers. She prepared a slideshow on how her team of climbers reduced their carbon footprint by only flying into their climb and then adventuring their way out. Watch her short presentation here.

CCC_Advocate Gabby Faurot_Traverse

Mark Richey

Richey was president of the American Alpine Club in the early 2000s and has made loads of big first ascents from Peru to India and many points between. He also owns a large company, Mark Richey Woodworking, which he's turning as green as possible. For a full overview of their climate-saving efforts, watch the complete video here.