A Model To Inspire

Sustainable Summits co-founder Roger Robinson and his wife Pam are leading their imperfect but improving lives in order to reduce their carbon footprints.

Use this as a guide to help build your own plan:


Bicycle more for errands

Carpool wherever possible

Purchase electric type vehicles (many good used ones available)

Take mass transportation rather than fly short distances

Climb and recreate more often closer to home

Reduce extended plane travels by 50% or more


Recycle waste (plastics, aluminum, paper. cardboard, metal, electronics, etc)

Recycle gear and household items rather than throwing away

Use recyclable batteries

Purchase less stuff

Volunteer at community recycling centers

Try to wear clothing and use gear longer

Repair broken gear

Purchase used gear before buying new


Compost kitchen waste, grass, leaves, etc

Plant a garden or a deck container garden with leafy greens and herbs

Support organic producers and sustainable farming

Purchase just enough fresh produce to avoid waste

Eat red meat once a week or less

Eat a sustainable mediterranean-type diet

Eat local as much as possible

Home energy:

Add solar electric and solar water to your house

Know what phantom power your electronic devices use when turned off

Upgrade your home heating system


Avoid plastic packaging as much as possible

Ask businesses you frequent to minimize plastic packaging

Wash and reuse ziploc plastic bags

Switch to non-PVC garbage bags