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Climate Action in the Climbing World

Tommy Caldwell on Climate

Climate change and Protect Our Winter's "Outdoor State of Mind": Teton Gravity Research News interview.

Climate change's impact on rock climbing: National Public Radio interview (4 min)

Kitty Calhoun Last Ascents

Many ice routes have likely seen their final ascents. TEDx Talk at Moses Brown School (12 min)

Alpine Roulette

The Impermanence of Alpine Permafrost–And How This Changes Everything: Article by John Harlin III in the 2019 American Alpine Journal

An Imperfect Advocate

Alpinist Graham Zimmerman has seen firsthand the effects of human-driven climate change on the world. Himself complicit in destroying these places that he loves​, Graham decides that he must take action and joins Protect Our Winters, an advocacy group. He explores whether he can accept​ his imperfections and become an effective advocate. Outside TV (21 min)

The Green Line

How Climbers can be climate activists: Advice from Tommy Caldwell and Angela Hawse on the best ways to protect our planet: interview.

More stories from's Green Line Series, including How to Make Your Gear Habit More Sustainable.

Join Protect Our Winters

POW helps passionate outdoor people protect the places we live and lifestyles we love from climate change. When you’re on Team POW, you help make climate a top policy priority for our elected officials and spur a cultural shift on climate action. Join Team POW here

Do More Than Your Route

More Than A Route is "a climber’s journey to a new mindset”, according to Lena Müller, who travels to her hard trad climbs in the Alps by train and mountain bike in this beautiful film. She sees such "by fair means" approaches as “the future of our sport”. Watch the full 20-minute video here.

Alex Honnold on Climate

This Bloomberg QuickTake video interviews Honnold on, who shares his unique perspective on climate change and how his lifelong passion for climbing has fueled his love for the environment.

Patagonia's Scale of Hope Movie

Former White House climate advisor Molly Kawahata reflects on her time in the Obama Administration, her personal struggle with mental health, and her love of alpine climbing to create a positive vision of how we can respond to the climate crisis. The full 1:07-hour video is here.

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